a glass of waterAny plumber in Lake Elsinore can tell you that the quality of Southern California’s drinking water is far from ideal. Close inspections reveal numerous elements no person would want in their body. These materials include things like pesticides, lead, arsenic, chloroform, chlorine and fluoride. Even uranium and other radioactive substances may be present in the water Californians use to cook with, bathe in, and drink.

Water and Health Hazards 

Most individuals in Southern California know their municipal water supply is not high-quality, and accept the fact that certain substances must be added to the supply to make it potable. Nevertheless, individuals from the Environmental Working Group–EWG–gathered information on approximately 50,000 public utility systems over a five-year period, ending in 2015. They found that the country’s water suppliers are piping in contaminants linked to infertility, brain damage and cancer. For example, 19,000 public systems were found to have lead in their water. Lead toxicity can cause developmental problems in children, irreversible brain damage and loss of kidney function. In addition, the fluoride that is often added to tap water has been shown to cause thyroid dysfunction, autism, low IQ, early onset dementia, and even certain cancers.

According to EWG data, Southern California’s water systems are some of the worst offenders in the nation, with certain counties exceeding the established federal or state guidelines by 10-12 contaminates. These findings indicate that Southern California’s water may be unsafe to cook with, drink or even bathe in, as hot water opens pores and allows the skin to absorb contaminants into the bloodstream. This essentially means that it is up to consumers themselves to purify their own water.

Hard Water Also an Issue in Southern California

Not only is Southern California’s tap water polluted, it also hosts some of the highest levels of calcium and magnesium in the country. These substances create hard water. Even though hard water does not pose a health hazard, it is certainly not a pleasant issue. This is because it corrodes fixtures and plumbing and is tough on appliances and surfaces. Water spots and discoloration on showerheads, faucets, and counters come from hard water and can be very difficult to remove. 

The Value of Whole House Water Filters 

Public drinking water can be filtered, and there are even filters equipped to remove arsenic and fluoride from tap water, but ultimately, whole house water filters are by far the best and most comprehensive solution for safer, cleaner, better tasting water. A filter that is designed to remove impurities from all the water that comes into the home is invaluable, as it targets impurities at their source, which is the main water line. This means that not only is the home’s drinking water filtered, the water going to appliances, showerheads and bathroom faucets is being filtered as well.

Different whole house filters use different technologies. Some are designed to work through a process called reverse osmosis, during which water is pushed through a semipermeable membrane to remove contaminants such as hexavalent chromium, fluoride, nitrate and arsenic. Additional filtering techniques include ozone and ultraviolet, which are both highly effective bacteria killers.

Easy Installation

Such systems are usually installed in a garage where they take up very little space. In the majority of instances, they are smaller than the average size water heater tank. The size you need can be determined by a qualified plumber in Lake Elsinore.

If you want softer, purer water that is safe to bathe in, cook with and drink, ask us about our whole home water filters and softeners. Our experienced plumbers can assist you in determining what type of system is most appropriate for your dwelling.