man with wrench and toolbeltEven if your home is well maintained, plumbing emergencies may eventually arise. Clogged toilets or sinks, leaking water heaters, and slab leaks can all lead to costly damage if they are not dealt with immediately. It is always in your best interest to contact a professional rather than attempt to remedy the problem without assistance. Below are some tips on preventing plumbing emergencies, and when you should call a plumber in Lake Elsinore:

Locating Your Shut-Off Valves

It is always good to know exactly where your water shut-off is located. This is because an emergency is obviously not the best time to turn off your water. For toilets, the valve is typically located at the base of the commode or behind the tank. For burst pipes or major emergencies in your home, you should locate and turn off the main water valve. This shut-off is usually in one of three places: your basement, a crawlspace, or along the outside perimeter of your house. Most plumbers suggest locating this valve as soon as you build or move into your home so that you can substantially reduce damage if a water emergency occurs.

Leaking Water Heaters

If your water suddenly becomes unusually hot or the heater has developed a leak, the unit should be turned off at once to prevent damage. This is because the buildup of heat can destroy the unit or even burst the tank. If your dwelling has a gas water heater, the gas should be turned off prior to shutting off the water heater. Contact a professional anytime you suspect or know that your water heater is leaking, as such repairs are not appropriate do-it-yourself projects.

Clogged Sinks and Toilets

If you’re dealing with a clogged toilet, the simple use of a plunger with a smooth vertical motion is often all that is necessary to free up the clog. Clogs can also be disintegrated with chemical cleaners, but you must make sure to use a formula designed for a toilet. If these remedies do not help, or the clog has resulted in water pouring back into your house, a plumber should be called without delay, as it may indicate sewage backup or other serious problems that require professional services.

Controlling Leak Damage

If you have discovered a small leak, you can apply some plumber’s tape or stuff rags and towels around the problem area to prevent further issues until a professional arrives. However, do not fall into the trap of thinking that the tape has permanently solved the problem. Leaks never go away on their own. Rather, they continue until a small repair has become a major one.

Scheduling Regular Inspections for Your Plumbing

The best thing any homeowner can do to prevent plumbing emergencies is to schedule regular inspections of the entire system. Detecting leaks and others issues early means they can be repaired while they are still considered minor problems. Plumbers in Lake Elsinore can also check for any other abnormality that may lead to a serious repair in the future. Never hesitate to get in touch with a licensed professional if you suspect that any type of plumbing problem is underway.